Hi there.  I am Michele VonGerichten, your creative marketer.  I have been marketing and branding projects, products and ideas that I am passionate about since I was a child . . . always organizing (translated - marketing the idea and getting the kids to go along with the idea) the neighborhood kids to create an airplane in the basement, complete with passenger areas, pilot cockpit and galley to forming a parade that we proudly marched with wagons full of dolls, pets (if they cooperated) and younger siblings, to the blaring of my little tape recorder.  Creating Halloween costumes out of cardboard boxes and imagination.  Always thinking, always creating, always wondering how to do it better, and how to communicate that to others.

It is with this spirit of enthusiasm, creative spark and relentless desire to have my clients succeed that drives me today.  I love getting the call or email from a client who is looking to launch a new company, product or brand . . . or who needs some help bringing an existing item to life with flair and that relates to their market; whether that is the demanding, high-tech world of plastic surgery to the equestrian community to those seeking a fresh hair stylist or salon.  I am excited to help and nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients succeed and prosper!

As Director of Marketing for a biotech company, I have learned the art of combining science and cutting edge technology with beauty; for a high end boat manufacturer, I needed to hone my creative director skills and drive our captains and models to evoke that fearless sense of fun, style and excitement on the water. 

I am based in Florida, but am available thanks to the wonderful world of Zoom, phone and email, that I am able to work with clients based across the country - from California to New York, and all points in between.  I also have relationships with photographers, and graphic designers, based in New York and Florida, to help bring your imagery to life!   And I love collaborations - so let's get to work!