Barn Savers, Inc. is a Florida-based family company who specializes in providing creative and novel solutions for horse owners and their equine charges.

Whether it is helping owners through the Good Horsekeeping Project, a passion project of the owner to help other horse owners manage the day-to-day needs of horsemanship; or their innovative Busy Bar, a unique and novel horse toy that keeps the horse literally busy for hours with various treat wheels and things to occupy it to their online store which helps the owner keep stock of all of the must-haves for the Busy Bar and beyond; Barn Savers is looking to build relationships with horse owners and their four legged pals.


MVG Creative Marketing designed and launched:


  • Barn Savers website and online store

  • Barn Savers YouTube Channel

  • Horse Show Banners

  • Product Labels

  • Post Cards & Show Special Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Show Specials and Informational Mailers


MVG Creative Marketing helps them sell their items, post show pictures and events, and build brand awareness for the Busy Bar & the Barn Savers / Good Horsekeeping initiative.

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