Welcome to my portfolio!  This showcases just a few of the marketing / advertising / branding pieces I have worked on over the last few years.  Click on an image to visit a particular piece of collateral, website or other marketing piece I've had the pleasure and privilege to design and produce for an interesting cross-section of businesses and products, or use the pull down menu to find a particular client.  How can I help you grow your business or launch your product? 

Michele VonGerichten

MVG Creative Marketing

PG Recon site
LTM postcard
LTM postcard _Page_2
Social Media money drain 10-28-20
The Beauty Bar PSL Site
SculptPatch 6x9 6-18-20 low res_Page_2
Social Media Recon Lady wHusband 9-16-20
ALMI Social Media 2 Women_4x
MedWellness Tech Brochure HD PRP TriFold
ALMI Doctor Office Generic 11x17 Poster
CCHS logo
KF2_Ad_LA.211_Rev_A 2017 Ad
Linked In LTM Evulse 2-18-20
Healeon HD PRP
MedEdge website
2017 New Recon Brochure front
The Pursuit of Perfection
Backyard Art SoFlo website
LTM 3fold 02HM0045 Rev B draft_Page_1