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Brochures  - Keller Funnel, Keller Funnel 2 Launch, Keller Funnel 2 2016
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Keller Medical, Inc. was the designer/creator of the Keller Funnel and Keller Funnel 2, a cone-shaped medical device designed to assist plastic and cosmetic surgeons with the placement of silicone gel implants.

Having started with the company in its infancy, the marketing collateral went through several iterations as the product began gaining traction, moving from a "what is this thing" stage in the early days of 2009/2010 to becoming the standard-of-care for silicone gel implant placements worldwide.

As product manager/brand manager for the second iteration, the Keller Funnel 2, we began developing richer and more robust marketing pieces, from beautiful brochures to provocative ads, and stunning websites that conveyed the simplicity and elegance of the product while showcasing how it worked.  


Michele VonGerichten created/designed:


  • Keller Funnel 2 Logo Creative Direction

  • Keller Funnel Website Creative Design/ Direction, Including Implementing Doctor Locator Feature; Funnel Certification Seal Program; Patient Website

  • Keller Funnel Product Brochures

  • Keller Funnel Advertising Copy/Design

  • Keller Funnel Patient Education Collateral

  • Keller Funnel Trade Show Banners, Booth and Collateral

  • Product and Informational Video Direction, Design, Talent & Shoot

  • Patient Education Animation Storyboard & Direction

  • Training Presentations

  • More!

Bringing this product, the Keller Funnel from a medical device start up to a multi-million dollar corporation, recently acquired by a large pharmaceutical, growing the global footprint and usage of this product, integrating it within medical schools for use by residents, and seeing the world-wide acceptance and adoption of the product, has been a crowning achievement for me personally and professionally.