Social Media posts are a great way for you to keep abreast of what is happening with your customers, gain new customers / followers and generally spread the word of your brand.  Here are some conceptual social media ads (done as a collaboration with photographer, Lisa Ramsay), as well as some other social media done for clients.  Want to get people talking?  Ask me how I can create compelling social media that speaks to your customer base!

Social Media Lady Recon 9-16-20b .png
Social Media BC Recon 9-16-20b .png
Social Media Recon Lady wHusband 9-16-20
PG Cares BRecon.png
Social Media New zapped 7-6-20.jpg
Social Media v4   4-16-20 image 1a.png
Social Media money drain 10-28-20.png
Laser Service Easy Image 2.png
Linked In LTM Evulse 2-18-20.png
Linked In LTM Sure-Loc 2-18-20.png
Linked In LTM 2-18-20.png